Winners 2015 - 16

Winners of Max Design Awards 2015-16

  • Rajesh Nichani- Winner- Max Design Awards 2015-16

    Rajesh Nichani- Winner

    From the moment I came across this competition, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for me to test my skills; and the best platform that a fashion design student in India could possibly get to showcase their talent.
    The theme, “Heritage Revisited”, also struck a chord in me, since I like the idea of being inspired by something that once was… giving it a fresh spin… and making it uniquely yours. My aim was to create designs that stay true to the essence of Rococo (my main inspiration), without making it too caricatured. To achieve that, I decided to give the silhouettes a very 1930s appeal; and infuse some Renaissance slashing, foam marbled prints, rosettes, and minimal embellishments to make things more wholesome and multifaceted. Moreover, I chose to only use jersey throughout.
    The whole journey, from inception to creation, was quite challenging yet memorable, to say the least. I had to learn to be self-sufficient and do all the hand work (slashing, printing, distressing, appliques, embellishments) myself; because my techniques and aesthetics are still very foreign and unknown to local craftsmen. Ultimately, the biggest challenge I faced being my own labour was holding my own self responsible if things went wrong or were delayed.
    This competition has made me learn and discover many things about myself, and taught me how to be more responsible, resourceful, and respectful to the whole design process and those involved in it. I am grateful to MAX for the wonderful opportunity and fabulous platform it has given me to start my career.

  • Tushar kumar Jha- First Runner Up- Max Design Awards 2015-16

    Tushar kumar Jha- First Runner Up

    The ensembles attempt to revisit the ancient art of Madhubani Painting and unite it with Graffiti art by working on the identifying features of each. A passionate need to express lead to the usage of walls as canvas in these two art forms.
    The strong use of black has been inspired by Kachni Paintings (line drawing) and the plethora of colours namely red, yellow, blue and green are reflective of Bharni Paintings (coloured paintings).
    The intention behind these designs was to make heritage more relatable to present times which was achieved by using icons of Graffiti to compliment Madhubani elements. Bright colours, popular motifs and typography with an undercurrent of street style are used to exude a youthful vibe.
    When I set out to design the ensembles the aim was to create clothes that are very historic in their origin but cater to the woman of today who always chooses to look forward.

  • Krashagi saini- 2nd Winner- Max Design Awards 2015-16

    Krashagi saini- 2nd Winner

    My inspiration for the collection was mud paintings done on floor in rural villages of India.
    India has a rich cultural diversity and various forms of art and craft.
    My collection is a tribute to Indian villages where we get to see such amazing art works. Weavers, artisians, earthen pot makers etc., are one of the most hardworking people with highest creative potential. In order to progress and grow we need to take care of them and take them along as they are important part of our heritage too.

    The color palette consists of all earthy tones. Handwoven and handloom fabrics consisting khadi is been used in the collection

  • Ann Thomas- Best Ramp Appeal- Max Design Awards 2015-16

    Ann Thomas- Best Ramp Appeal

    "The Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world for more than just its bewitching beauty and magnificence. Standing at the heart of India, it is one of the finest specimens of our country's rich heritage.
    It was an example of the deep love a man had for his wife . In its grandeur it tells us the story of this love, loss and remorse an emperor felt at the passing of his wife, a story that leaves everyone in awe even today, a story that will be told unto eternity. My garments reflect my fascination for this magnificent monument and this epic love story surrounding it."

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