• Why has Max established the Max Design Awards?

    The ambition is to recognize, reward and encourage the graduating designers and provide them a platform to springboard their fashion designing careers.

  • What is the prize for winners at the Max Design Awards?

    The winner will get a chance to work with Max Design Team on the SS18 collection.

    • The top 3 finalists get:
    • o Cash prize of INR 50,000 to each of the top 3 winners and INR 25000 to the 4th place- Best Ramp Appeal
    • o Photo shoot with a renowned photographer and get featured in Fashion Magazine.
    • o Winner to get a chance to showcase & sell their creations on Maxfashion.com
  • Who can apply to participate in the awards?

    The award programme is only open to final year fashion designing students.

  • What do I do if my school is not on the list of participating colleges?

    If your school is not on the list of participating colleges at the moment but if your college is an accredited fashion design institute, you are welcome to apply.

  • I have already participated in the Max Design Award, can I apply again?

    Yes, you are welcome to apply as many times as you want as long as you are a final year fashion designing student, from an accredited college.

  • I want to make changes to my application, how do I do that?

    If you have any changes or additions to your application, please submit a new application. If we find more than one application from someone we always look at the latest version when making our selection.

  • Is sending the hard copy of the application mandatory?

    Yes, all the participants are required to apply on the website www.maxdesignawards.com OR send in the scan by mail on maxdesignawards@gmail.com however the hard copy of the entry with required garment details, swatches etc have to couriered to the address provided for the same. Incomplete entry shall be discarded.

  • What happens after I have submitted my application?

    After the application period closes jury will go through all applications and select 15 finalists. The finalists will be given a budget of INR 20,000 to produce the garments. (which includes accessories) The sum will be handed over to the schools of the respective participants. The garments produced by the finalists have to be the same as submitted in the sketches.

  • If I am one of the Top 15 finalists, should I get my own models to showcase my designs?

    No, you are required to develop your garments with necessary accessories. Models for Pret and couture shall be arranged.

  • What size of garments should be developed if I am one of the top 15?

    Generally the model size is size 8 and you are suggested to consider this while development, however alteration is allowed once you are allocated the model.

  • What criteria are used to decide the winner?

    Our esteemed jury will judge your submissions based on the below mentioned criteria:  Interpretation of the Theme, Creative Details, Color Aesthetics, Presentation, Style & Originality.

  • When is the deadline for applying to participate in the Fourth Edition of Max Design Awards?

    The deadline for submitting your application to Max Design Awards is 12th January 2018.